AFACT 2017

35th AFACT Mid-term Meeting

 19th~21st April


Fullon Hotels & Resorts

No. 83, Guanhai Rd, Tamsui District, New Taipei City, 251


2017 Tentative Agenda of AFACT BDC (Mid-Team)0420 Download
2017 Tentative Agenda of AFACT StC (Mid-Term) 0421 Download
2017 AFACT Tentative Agenda of AFACT TMC Download
2017 AFACT Tentative Agenda of AFACT TT&L WG Download
2017 AFACT Mid-Term Meeting Schedule Download


Application form participating AFACT 2017 Mid-Term meeting Download

Hotel and transportation

2017 AFACT mid-term meeting recommended Hotel & Transportation Download


StC meeting

AFACT_the_35th__Mid-Term_Meeting__StC_minutes_(Confirmed_by_participants)(revised 20170502)Download
AFACT_2017_Brief_Secretariat_Report(presented by Parisa Hosseini)Download
35th AFACT Mid-Term StC Meeting(combined)(modified 2017-04-28)Download

BDC WG meeting

Minutes of BDC WG meeting 2017-04-21Download
WTO-TFA (presented by Kongrit Chantrik)Download
eBOD for Logistics(presented by Prof. Young Kon Lee)Download
ASEAN Single Window Pilot Project-Electronic Phytosanitary Certificate(present by Natthaphat Rojanasupamit)Download
AFACT eMarketplace WGBDC-Supporting ASOCIO AEC eCom Alliance (presented by Dr. Eva Yueh)Download

TMC WG meeting

isotc154report (presented by Mei-Li Chen)Download
Minutes of TMC WG meeting 2017-04-21Download
UN/CEFACT Technical Update20170420 (presented by Hisanao Sugamata)Download
Challenge CPS/IOT for Social Infrastructure (presented by Hisanao Sugamata)Download
CCL Utilization In Asia 20170420 (presented by Hisanao Sugamata)Download

TT&L WG meeting

Minutes of TT&L WG meeting 2017-04-21Download
Travel Industry API(presented by Matt Jiang)Download
Overview of Travel/Tourism Domain Activities (presented by Akio Suzuki)Download
Green Paper Production on Experience Program (presented by Akio Suzuki)Download
AFACT_Reservation_API(presented by TungHua Tai)Download

Point of interest

2017 AFACT mid-term meeting Point of interest Download